Hospitalist Program

Regional Medical Center of Central Alabama Hospitalists program…


Formerly L. V. Stabler Memorial in Greenville Alabama

What is a Hospitalist?

Hospitalists are physicians who are responsible for a patient’s care and treatment during their stay in the hospital. They begin caring for the patient at hospital admission and or placed in an observation status and continue that care all the way to discharge. Throughout their patient’s stay, they can coordinate communication between all of the physicians involved in your care, including primary care physician and specialists. They order tests and procedures and are committed to doing their best to provide a consistently high level of care during your hospital stay.  All of Regional Medical Centers hospitalist physicians are board certified or board eligible in their respective specialties, such as Internal Medicine or Family Medicine. Once a patient is discharged, the care of the patient returns to his/her primary care (regular) doctor.

What benefits do hospitalists offer patients?

Hospitalists are dedicated exclusively to the care of the hospitalized patients. What that means for patients is that a hospitalist is always close by.  By being readily available, hospitalists are able to review the progress of a patient’s care more frequently and make decisions to ensure treatment is not delayed. Additionally, because our hospitalists practice medicine within the halls of the hospital, they know the specialists and departments available to assist patients through a smooth and speedy recovery process. They can also follow up on tests and adjust treatment throughout the day based on test results or changes in condition or progress. 

Patient communication – personal interaction

Hospitalists look for opportunities to speak with patients and family members face-to-face whenever possible. Hospitalizations are stressful and hospitalists provide honest and caring answers to patients’ questions. Hospitalists understand that good communication about care and treatment options is essential.

Where does my primary care doctor fit in?

Primary care doctors have the option to refer patients to a hospitalist when a patient can no longer be cared for in an outpatient setting and that patient requires inpatient hospitalization. Primary care doctors that chose to use a hospitalist for a patients care, upon discharge from the hospital, each patient will return to the care of his/her regular, primary care physician.  

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